True or False (the general version)

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Do you like country music?

230am:TrueDo you like country music??


You have a pet bunny rabbit?

False. I wish I had bunnies. They're cute!?

Do you any New Year Resolutions?

yep, i want to generally improve myself and drink more water :)
?​do you have any allergies?

True, only seasonal?
do you have a secret crush not even your BFFs know about?


You our know how to contour (makeup)?

True-ish, I guess. I've watched tutorials and I can do it sometimes with my nose...

You've had a roommate in college/ have one / will have one


False. I never wanted to go to college. No roommate.?

You've read an entire book in one day?

True, but it only had about 8 short chapters.

Have you ever been to a concert?



Do you have siblings?


Have you ever failed a class?


Have you ever gotten straight A's?

Hahaha...I made D's and F's. 😂 If I got an A when I was in school that would've meant the world was ending..

You have at least one memory in your mind of before the age of 5??


Do you have a favorite memory?

True. I have a dog
You?got a new years kiss?

Do you have any pets?

True - three!?

You like a show from ABC Family channel??

True, pretty little liars
Do you have a favorite movie?

Yes, true!
The Life Aquatic with Steve ZIssou :)

You've been to see a movie in the theater in the past week.


You've seen the new Star Wars movie?


You have more than 10 nail polishes?

I think that would be true. I have a lot of nail polish! Haha

Have you ever been surfing?

I go in the surf all the time.....just not on a board lol

You've been to Hawaii?


You've been to Mexico


You like snakes?

Have you been on a cruise ship?


Your favourite colour is yellow?

I have no clue what that ^^^ link is and I'd seriously recommend that NOBODY click it. You don't know what you'll get if you do

False. My favourite colour is mint green.
Your procrastinating right now?

Nope....I did that this morning? lol jk :D
Actually I kind of am procrastinating because I'm trying to put off going to the shops. I'ts 40C (104F) outside and I don't want to walk a long way in that heat.

You have your own car?

True. I love my car too!?

In the last month someone has yelled at you?

Are you in college?


You wore socks today that were a color other than white

True, pink.
You're sad that Alan Rickman has died?

true, Extremely sad?
do you have regrets ?

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