True or False (the general version)

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Do you like Iced Coffee?


You want to move to another state?



False, odd to probably see but couldnt look away from if that happended.

You have kids?


Are you spiritual?


How far away from home have you been?

States away

You hugged someone today?


Do you like pineapple on your pizza?


Believe in love at first sight?

Not really.

Your week has been going by well?

My week just started but it's all good so far so, true

You got only good grades at school



False, my school is for both girls and boys

Do you like the taste of garlic?

Nope eww, garlic bread is ok tho

Do you sing in the shower?

f course I do

You've been to a wedding where they broke dishes and yelled, "Opa!"

False, but I've seen them on tv

Do you own at least one pair of Converse?


You have all your keys sorted and color coded

Kinda true, all my keys are sorted but not coded by color

Do you enjoy the sound of the rain?

True...I DO!

You drank soda tonight


Are You On A Diet?


False, I love eating!!

Have you been to the movies recently?

True...a couple weeks ago...went to go see the alien covenant movie.

You have stuffed animals you keep on your bed.

I used to have some awhile ago, I now have a real animal who took over my bed :p

Do you like watermelons?

I like some watermelon flavored stuff...but just watermelon itself...?? Ehh, not particularly.

Sometimes you pull the cheese/toppings off your pizza and eat them last.

It has happened but not on purpose :p

What's in your wallet right now?

$72 and...43 cents, school ID, starbucks card, jamba juice card, panera bread card, emergency wipees, emergency condom (probably expired lol)

same question.? what's in your wallet right now?

Different cards like debit card, IDs, insurance card, etc. $20 and some coins, a lot of pics of my dog!! The card of the videogames store and I think it's all!! I might add my license soon... soon :p

How big is your bed?

queen size bed for me!

Have you ever lit one of your bras on fire in solidarity with feminists?

(I just realized my question wasn't a true or false, sorry!!)

Nope, dad could kill me if I do that to my clothes... plus I set a bed on fire, I thik that's enough fire haha

Do you wear bracelets?

True, I have a few that I wear sometimes

You participated in a spelling bee at school before

False, I sometimes get confused with words that sound or are written alike

Do you like Game of Thrones?

TRUE!!!? I do!

You often remember your dreams vividly?

False, I tend to forget them as soon as I wake up

Do you believe in ghosts? :O

True!? I do....or at least spirits, in some form or another.

You've seen a UFO before??

False??? I don't think I have ever seen one but who knows, what if I already saw it and they erased my memory :O

Do you know who's Alf?

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