True or False (the general version)

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True. I wish I cooked more.

You love halloween


You love fall weather in general

Can you swim?


Do you wear workout clothes every day for everything?


Your favourite item of clothing is plaid


You wear open toed footwear more than closed toe footwear.

False! Work requires strict footwear. I wear my Nikes all the time. But man I love to wear heels and flip flops in Summer with dresses! 

You have worn some type of hat within the last month?


You eat cereal as a snack at any time of day

Are you sad the weekend is over?


You eat chinese food once a week?


You eat pizza once a week

False (I definitely would though)

The best part of a cinema is the popcorn

You like going to see movies?


Do you smoke weed?


You have cried at a sad movie

More times than I can count!!! True!

You've had someone paint your nails for you within the last year? 

You watch "Scream Queens"

I do like to cook sometimes.

Have you ever had surgery?

Sorry mandakim, at first it didn't load :o

I have never heard of "Scream Queens" lol

Next person: Have you ever had surgery?

My mom's in the operation room right now

Nope (sorry to hear about your mom!)

Have you ever been in a car accident?

You have a cat?

blueultraviolet:Sorry mandakim, at first it didn't load :oI have never heard of "Scream Queens" lolNext person: Have you ever had surgery?My mom's in the operation room right now 

Hiiiii Laura :) I really really REALLY hope everything is ok with your mum and she'll be fine. I thought about emailing her but I'm pretty sure she won't be checking her emails for a while anyway so can you tell her "hi" and I hope she's better really soon *huggggssssss*

I'd never heard of Scream Queens either but I saw it on the program guide and was curious so I checked it out. It's weird.......but pretty funny :D

Yep, I do have a cat

Are you currently saving money for something?

You have been to Japan?

False! Never been outside of the U.S! 

You have a Dove brand product in your bathroom right now?

True, 2

Do you sleep with socks on?


Do you check out gurls' main website?

You hate school and homework and it's stressing you out more than anything ever has in your life before cos i can relate. (sorry started getting carried away)


Have you graduated college?


You have a test (or more than one) in school today or tomorrow.

No :/ I'm not in school yet but you reminded me to finish my application lol

You're in love

Truest of the true! Very much so! 😊😍😊😍

You went to the movies recently? 

ugh No. My movie date keeps flaking on me  :(

You've used a dating site.

True, a few actually
If you're seeing someone, you met them on a dating site?
If you're not seeing someone, have you been  on a blind date?

False. I met him at work. 

You carry a purse? 

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