True or False (the general version)

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You hate Mondays


You are currently eating?


You're good at singing

Not at all

You have a strange addiction?

False (or so I think).?

You DO NOT believe in ghosts?

False, I believe in them because Ive had experiences with them.

You believe in ghost?

My house is, like, actually haunted, but I don't think it's ghosts; just a few coincedences that creep me out cuz I'm a wimp xD

You want to have children when you grow up (or did have them)

As false as could possibly be. Lol.

You listen to music every day?


You've had an episode of sleep paralysis


You have too many perfumes?

About 5 lol so false :p

You believe in getting abortions?

If I ever fell pregnant it's not for me but everything other people do with heir body/fetus is their business. So I suppose the answer to that is true?!

You believe people deserve harsh punishment for hurting or killing animals purposefully?

True but depends on cruelty done too. For example, person shouldnt get electric chair for leaving dog outside in heat,etc.

Sex before marriage is wrong to you?

False. I believe getting into a marriage and finding out you're sexually incompatible with the person you married is worse. "Try it out before you buy into it."

You know a hoarder?

Lol yes,he lives on my street

You have a collection?

yes, of penguins. love horror movies

True but some creep me out until I slept with night on lmao

You cant skate?


You have more than two pets currently?

False, Months ago I had a dwarf hamster and a guniea pig. Sad that they died because I took guniea pig in from neglecting owner.

You currently have pets?

Yep, three (dog, cat, hamster).

You've tripped over something small before?

Lol many things

You would dye your hair blonde?

False. I would noooot look good blonde.

Would you dye your hair red?

Yes :p a bloody dark red(:

You have fear of lizards?

False, but snakes scare me.

Could you see yourself ever running a marathon?

Yes! I love running :333
you workout?

False - and I am?suffering from it by being fat, lol.

You've had a caffeine buzz before?


Not at all lol

You drunk spoiled milk by mistake?


You like rollercoasters?

False-ish. Scared of heights.

You wear wife-beaters?


You wear t shirts more than tank tops?


You wear leggings as pants more than you wear jeans

Yep! True! They accentuate my so-called "Nicki Minaj" booty and I get tired of not being able to find jeans that fit my waist area.

You have a box of something hidden away?



You have green eyes?

False. Gray eyes.

You hate being barefoot?

False, I dont really wear shoes unless going outside :p sometimes.

You went to a haunted house?

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