True or False (the general version)

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False x

You prefer showering at night?


You've made over 100 posts on gurl


You always have to match your undergarments?


You would consider yourself girly

Waaay waay false. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum from girly.

You have more than 20 nail polishes?

True...I think.? I just went to Sephora the other day and bought like 5 new ones...

You usually wear your hair up (in a bun or ponytail)

False,it always is down x

You want to actually have a purge?

On alcohohol? False

You like your legal first name

It's alright, I don't hate it. So true I guess.

You're interested in finding out things about your ancestry??


You have a checkbook?

False :p

You want a bigger booty?

False. My nickname at work is "Nicki Minaj." I don't need no more butt, lol.

You have driven just for the sake of driving and no real destination?

True lol needed to get away

Would you get highlights or dye your entire head?

True. I dye my hair frequently.?

You've changed the oil in a vehicle before?


You injured yourself in some way this weekend


The last thing you drank was water

False.? Pepsi.

You like eating Taco Bell


You stay stressed out?

You can surf


you like starbucks coffee.


You watch Food Network?

TRUE. Chopped is my fave

You've pined for someone you've never spoken to before.

You like wine


You currently have earrings in?

true. you wear a ring on your finger?


You believe in astrology.

False. I do not like the signs of the zodiac. you love to wear sandals? or sneakers?

Your favorite movie is from the year 2005 or earlier


You love neon colors


You play Pok?mon Go

Very false. Ugh..

You would swim with sharks if given the opportunity?

Nope lol

You have kids?

False. Not for me!?

You like poultry?

I like the taste but I don't eat it.

You listen to the radio?

Nah,but I do dance,heh.

You are?superstitious?

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