True or False (the general version)

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False. I hate sports.

You're wearing a bright colored shirt?

Yes, it's yellow :)

You know what you want to do for the rest of your life?

True! But I don't know how well my plans are going to come together.

You enjoy black&white movies?

As long as it's a good story, acting etc I can enjoy it as much as a colour movie!

You have a series you like to binge watch?

True! Many! 😬😬

You were spoiled rotten as a child?

By my dad, yeah. :D Daddy's princess and all that. Mum was more about discipline than dad.

You've been to a music concert at a big arena?

True! Quite a few! The last being "Rammstein" at the Allstate Arena in Chicago!

You've witnessed a house fire before?

No, thank god! Would be very scary.

You like theme parks?

False, I guess? I've lost interest in them

You like swimming


You'd have a cow for a pet if it were completely possible?

No,I prefer them with their own kind c:

You hate veggies?


You enjoy singing?

So very very true! Love singing!

You like to dance?

True! But only in private. I would kill people if I danced publicly with my destructive rhythm.?

You have more than 5 different lotions?

Yeah, but only one gets used at a time. I have several bottles that I tried and didn't like, so never get used lol.

You've ever had a very short (like boy-short) haircut?


You are right handed?


You live near a cul de sac?

True. I actually live on one :)

You live in the same house that you grew up in


You fear clowns?


You have a big screen TV?

Yes,depending on what room x

You are religious?


You remember your first visit to the movies?

False, but my mother told me it was Jurassic Park when I was like 4.

You have a favorite glass/cup that you drink from?

A tall red 30oz cup c:?

You stay up late alot and regret it in morning?


You sleep with your bedroom door open


You sleep with a night light?

False, No light whatsoever

You wear ear rings?

I wear earrings. you wear a ring on your fingers?

Only ring is matching ring with my boyfriend x

You like tea?


You've had a headache within the last week?

False :p

You own many dresses?

True. I think most girls do =)

You prefer your hair long?

Yes c:

You are into anime?


You still have a beanie baby (or more than one)?


Do you cuddle things of your boyfriends when you sleep?

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