True or False (the general version)

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False. Nearing 30...☹️

You are currently tired?

TRUE. But I'm always tired.

You dye your hair regularly?

True. So true... It's a hassle to be a blonde when your hair is naturally almost black. 😒

Youve warched the British show called "Sherlock"?

True. I can't remember which episode was the last one I watched, and it was quite a while ago, too. I haven't kept up well.

You have siblings?

True! One older brother.?

A part of your body is hurting (or in some form of pain right now)?


You have your earlobes pierced?


You have/can wear a toe ring

True. Not often though.

You've worn a beret before?


Youre older than 18?


You enjoy watching behind the scenes footages of movies?


You have pets?

True - 3.

You like "American Pickers"?

I never heard of them or what that may be lol

You want another tattoo?

True...I want A tattoo, don't have any yet.

You8 enjoy lazy Sundays

False. I enjoy anylazy day...sometimes

You fight with siblings often?

False. I never fight with my brother (anymore).

You own at least one movie soundtrack?

False. But i do have one on my phone's playlist :D

You like game of thrones?

False. Never seen it.

You like sweet coffee?


You know what you want out of life?

True...ish... I know some things.? I'm pretty sure I want to go to college...get married...have a family...other than that, who knows??

You want to see the new X-Men movie


You fell down stairs at school?

False. I fell UP the stairs! 🤓

You wear prescription glasses?

True, but it is almost always contact lenses.

You don't understand the vampire craze.


You love makeup


You collect a certain item


You dropped your phone in water?


It is nighttime where you live now?


You drank soda today

True. ?Diet Coke is my coffee because I don't like hot liquids.

You met a new person today (general, not necessarily romantic)


Eight is one of your favorite numbers?


Baby blue is your favorite color?


You have ridden a horse before?


You touched a whale before


You have been on here for over a year

True..Around 10 years, lol.

You've dyed your hair recently?

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