True or False (the general version)

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Omg yessss that's so true lol. It's happened to me more than once?

You think cats are better than dogs?

False, #teamwetnoses

You think dogs are better than cats?

False. I have one of each though.?

You have a big shoe collectiion?

False (but bigger than some of my friends)

You're on a laptop right now


You are damned tired and up too late???

Very true
are you a night owl?


Do you have any pets?

You've taken a bubble bath within the last 2 months

You have a favorite planet?

True it's Jupiter (cause astrology)
You believe in star signs?


Do you play lottery?


You still own a doll from your childhood?

True, I have some barbies lol

Are you a fan of the twilight movies?

Halfway true. I liked them when I saw them but I wouldn't be butthurt if I was told I'd never be able to watch them again, lol.

You drink your tea with sugar?


Do you prefer Pepsi over Coke?

False. I don't drink soda anymore.

You drink coffee every morning?

False! Just on the weekends!?

You have a DVR?

False :(?

You wear jewelry regularly?

False. 😮

You have big plans this weekend?

False, nothing planned other than working :/

You enjoy music on vinyl records?


There is stuff under your bed?

True - far too much!

chicken hot or cold in a sandwich? I guess? Lol. That's not really true or false. 😁

You've been on YouTube today?

True. I watched ricexgum lol

You've wanted to kill someone (Idek lol)

Very true.

You carry Chapstick with you?


You like baking?

You have a pattern on your shower curtain

True flowers.

Your a chocolate lover


It's Sunny today where you are?

True ^^ too bad I'm at work right now.

You enjoy indie games

False-ish. I don't really play video games much anymore. Attention span too short.

You'll listen to any kind of music?

True-ish. There's some like really hard metal that I won't listen to but mostly everything else lol

You like panic! At the disco?


Your bed is messy?

True. Because I'm in my bed lol

You're on your phone rn.


You've been on gurl for over a year

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