True or False (the general version)

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So I see we have an intimate version in 'Fooling Around' and I figured why not make a general, non sexual version for general truths/falses. 

For example: 
You have socks on right now? 


You had your first pet before the age of five? 

So here's the first one:

True or False: You like to dip your pizza in ranch?

Stuff like that! 


You can walk very well in heels

False lol

Have you ever laughed without a reason in public?


Autumn is your favorite season?

False, it's summer.

You're right-handed?

True! 😊

You've laughed at least once today? 

You go to college?

You have a pet?

True I have 2

have you ever eaten more than 3 hotdogs?

False (3 is my maximum)
Bae or bae less?

Baeless af

You've been outside your home country.


You write in a journal regularly


You exercise few times a week?

True with my team

Did you eat fish today?

False, I haven't in weeks.

You collect something (stickers, books, etc.)?

True. I love survival horror video games. And Nancy Drew.
Have you ever had a fake ID?


You've been hit in the head by some sort of ball from a sport (soccer, softball, football, etc)

True. (Every type of ball you can imagine.)
Are you allergic to any food?

False. No food allergens at all!

You've given up on a big task before?

True, haven';t we all? :p

You are excited that Halloween is coming up soon!


Have you ever won on a contest?

False. Not that I can remember. 

You browse gURL with your cell phone more than your lap/desktop?


You have been jealous of the girl that your crush hangs around with

True! I hate that girl... ;)
You think your house, or one you have lived in, is haunted.


You have that "invisible hat"feeling after you've worn a hat for a long time

True, haha...yeah that's a weird feeling

You have a jar of spare change in your room


ever won a halloween costume contest?

False (I've never entered one)

You're wearing your hair in a bun right now


You have socks on right now that are NOT white

You have a birthday coming up?

False. 7 more months! 😋

You like hot baths/showers?

True! (who doesn't?)

You are still in school

True, almost done though!
You have traveled to a different country?


You are going to/have taken a nap today

False. I wish I had the time.

Do you like to cook?

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