Spanking: Survey for anyone who was spanked growing up

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Tuttifrutti, , that breaks my heart as it's well beyond a spanking as discipline. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Im sorry that anyone here has suffered through abuse. Effin heartbreaking?

15) Do you believe that spanking may have led to anger and/or trust issues with your parents?1) Do you believe spankings are an effective form of discipline? Yes I do but they need to be given sanely & properly.
2) How often were you spanked growing up (rarely, often or very often)??If given only those three options I'd say often or very often.
3) Do you feel you're a better or more disciplined person today because of it??Yes without a doubt.
4) Who did the discipline in your house? Did you ever get spanked by anyone other than your parents? Mum did most of the discipline/spankings but I got some from dad aswell and yes my older siblings had permission to spank me and they had no problem doing it, I also got it from babysitters and my freinds mother amongest others.
5) What offences did your parents consider deserving of a spanking? All the things you'd expect lying, swearing, fighting, breaking curfew, staying up past bedtime, talking back/being cheeky, trouble at school, not doing homework/chores, refusing to get up for school/go to bed I guess you could sum it all up just saying disobedience not doing what they told me to do when they told me to do it.

6) Was it effective in making you stop doing whatever you were doing wrong?? There was dozens of times I was going to do something I wasn't allowed then I thought of the spanking I'd get if caught and decedied not to do it then again there was other times I went ahead and did it cause I was so convinced I wouldn't be caught (I almost always was) it helped with my behaviour around the house though that's?undeniable.
7) When your parents spanked, was it done on the spot while you were standing, or would they make it a bigger event by making you go over their knee or over your bed etc? Very often they made me go over thier knee but when getting something like a belt it was done over bed or couch depending on room we were in.
8) Did your parents ever use an object to discipline you or was it just with their hand? They used objects as well as thier hands hairbrush and slipper were very common but not the only objects.

9) When you were spanked, was it done on the bare skin or over your clothes? On the bare skin and it was super embarrassing.
10) What age did you get your last spanking and what did you do??I was about 17 not sure if that was exact age but about that and it was for breaking curfew.
11) Did you cry every time??almost every time I can't remember any where I didn't cry easily.
12) How did your parents know you learned your lesson??It was obvivious I had when my butt was crimson red and I was promising them I'd never do it again and pleading with them to stop that I had learnt my lesson.
13) What other discipline methods did your parents use on you??Grounding, mouth soaping, early curfew/bedtime, taking away privileages, cornertime, writing lines, extra chores etc. they did everything really.
14) Now that you're older, what is your opinion on the use of spanking as a last resort? Do you feel it was abuse or at times necessary discipline??I thought It was necessary discipline at the time although I wasn't happy about it I knew why they did it and I feel the same way now although there was times when I thought it wasn't necessary or fair I was mostly being emotional at those times cause I was the subject of the punishment and not thinking logically that being said there was a few I shouldn't have got.
15) Do you believe that spanking may have led to anger and/or trust issues with your parents? No certainly not trust issues anyway and no long term anger issues.
16) Were you afraid of your parents??Yes I was.
17) If you have children would you spank them as a last resort? If so, is there anything you would do differently compared to your parents??I would definelty spank them but I'd find it difficult and probably do it less severly than my parent's I'm a big softy.

18) Do you have any further thoughts or comments not covered in the previous questions? Yes there is a difference between discipline and abuse kids and teens need discipline obviously everyone knows that but the question is when does discipline become abuse? just enough to leave thier bottom's sore and red for the rest of the day is discipline it should be easy to stay under the line of when discipline turns into abuse by observing the apperance of the child's bottom during the punishment and their reactions to it. knowing when to stop is key, there is nothing wrong with spanking the worlds better with it.


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