Survey: Do you usually smile with your teeth showing or without your teeth showing? Why?

I really am curious to know if you smile with your teeth showing or without your teeth showing, and why. :) I am not judging any of you.

I personally smile with my teeth showing if it is a distance in which you can't really tell if I have braces or not, because I think it looks nice. Plus, I don't want to suddenly start smiling with my teeth showing when I have my braces off. And when I'm up close, I smile without my teeth showing so people can't tell I am wearing braces, because I am almost 18, and don't want people to know. But I am getting them off in less than a month, and then I will almost always smile with my teeth showing. :D

I don't show my teeth. Not because I hate them, but because sometimes and (mostly) it looks cheesier and faker. A simple smile instead of a large one with teeth seems more realistic and sometimes... teeth are just creepy lolol.


from the start I've never had a great teeth smile my upper lip sits a bit lopsided over my teeth just like my dad's smile

when I was little I grinded my teeth quite a bit probably made them a bit stubbier then most teeth

then due to various problems including and overbite and being crooked and not having room for one of my teeth to come down I had to have a herbst appliance and braces and chain to pull my tooth down etc for years wore a retainer for awhile after that which you are essentially suppoused to wear forever or at least a long time (years) I forget how long I wore it for but not as long as you are suppoused too

I never took great care of my teeth so especially after I got my braces taken off they were yellowish and stained (still have whiter spots on my teeth from where my braces were years later) and still have stubby teeth with a bit of and overbite

then a few years after my braces came off I got jaw cysts the 1st time they thought they were my wisdom teeth that never came in but then again another year or so later the cysts were back so had to get a CT scan and learned I have a lot more jaw cysts then they thought most of which were wrapped around the roots of my teeth and in order to make sure they stop growing and hopefully don't come back they have to take out all the cysts and therefore they had to also remove some of my teeth so the 2nd time I had 7 cysts and 8 teeth removed including 2 of my top frontish teeth (so much for braces!) So I only have 20 teeth when most adults have 28-32 (depending on how many wisdom teeth they get or have taken out)

The 2nd time I had jaw cysts was also when and why we discoverd I had gorlin syndrome. I was only 17 at the time and the surgery was only a couple weeks before prom still had some yellow cheek brusing for that! Just the news of the syndrome and of losing my teeth was hard on me like I wasn't already self concious enough. I feel like the missing teeth make me look like white trash (though the ones I got are straight so it isn't like gaps from miscare etc). I got a teeth flipper which is just a plastic like retainer with the 2 front plastic teeth to match my other ones (also why I couldn't really bleach my teeth at this point but don't know if I want to bleach my teeth yellowing teeth is just natural). I wear it at work all the time (except at lunch because I can't eat with it in) so most people don't even notice I have missing teeth. Around everyone else I don't normally wear it I got used to it and my family and boyfriend etc don't even realize it anymore either. 

I could eventually get dental implants but aside from the cost we also had to wait a few years to let my jaw bone grow back and to make sure the chances of cysts coming back are unlikely as it would be really stupid to spend money on implants only to have them torn out again etc.

I also just have a bad case of resting bitch face. I don't feel like grinning or even laughing like that comes natural to me no matter how happy I am. I'll sometimes make cheesy grinning or snarling faces at my boyfriend but that about it and thats just acting/playing not a natural response.

I used to hate smiling with teeth and I never did before because of the immediate space between my front teeth.

However i got braces (invisalign, so you can't see the braces) and I'm finding that i am smiling a lot more with teeth now than before. I'm finding that the braces has been such a confidence booster for me so i abosolutely love that, and people have been complimenting on my teeth and I've only had the braces for 6 months ! So it's really getting the job done.

If I'm just smiling a normal smile.......I don't show my teeth but if I'm REALLY smiling I show my teeth

mandakim:If I'm just smiling a normal smile.......I don't show my teeth but if I'm REALLY smiling I show my teeth

Either way, you are really pretty in the inside and outside! :) *squeeze hug hug hug squeeze squeeze squeeze hug hug hug squeeze hug hug*   

i usually smile without my teeth but sometimes i dont notice and i sho my teeth a litttle bit. i jjust hate haveing my picture taken because i dont like the way i look.

I smile showing my teeth if I'm happy.

I smile with my teeth showing now. Had two years of braces, got them off back in March and haven't shut my mouth since, lmao. It also depends on what I'm smiling for, too. I nearly break my mouth in pictures. If it's just a smile like while I'm passing someone or waving, no teeth unless I'm speaking.

Without my teeth showing. Well, unless I'm laughing....
Grinning in each and every photo just seems fake to me.

Without, unless I'm greeting someone I'm very fond of, then I'm all smiles

With my teeth showing. As soon as I got my braces I started smiling even though my gap wasn't closed yet. Its been closed for some months now and i have not stopped smiling with my teeth showing. It's weird to think that my confidence was lacking a little because I never felt good smiling. Now I can barely keep my mouth closed. I get so many compliments even with my colored braces. It's a great feeling!!!

I'm 19 and I have colored ligatured on my braces (blue and yellow currently) and I do NOT care that I'm 19 with braces. You shouldn't associate an age with braces because some people get them later in life due to financial reasons (as my self, my parents refused to get me braces because they said I didn't need them. When I was able to afford them on my own, I got them) I've never has a negative reaction to them and I look a bit older than 19. BE CONFIDENT WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR BRACES GURL!!!

I guess depending on my mood, I mostly smile :) and I could should a little of my teeth but if I'm pretty happy I smile :D and I show all my teeth

I don't really smile at pictures, because I look like I have a square face and it's depressing me

If i am smiling for a photo i smile with no teeth because if i try to do that i litrally look like a dumbass lmao


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