Bra sizes and age

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Unfortunately it is not always genetic..otherwise I would have gargantuant boobs!

16 and 32B

I'm 19..... and 38E :) X

I'm 21 and a 34C

I'm fourteen and a 34D. It absolutely sucks. I totally feel your pain X( I get nasty stares in the hallways of school and stuff and I feel so insecure that I wear baggy stuff. It's really bad and I've only just begun to accept it. I don't get why we have to be punished for our genetics, and I don't even need to lose weight because I'm 5'3.5" and 120 pounds. So I can't get rid of these things. :/

22 and 40 DD

I just turned 13 on June and I'm 32AA but I think that's ok, eventually they will grow ............ I hope lol

I'm almost 20 and a size 36E

Don`t worry about boob size guys don`t care as long as you know your beautiful.


14 almost 15 32c almost d

im 11 and im a 38c?

16, 34aa


16 and 32AA, just got sized at victorias secret

I'm 12,125lbs, 5'5, & a 32DD. All my friends are assholes about it lmao.

I'm 17 and 36 D, but I've never been measured. I just go by what feels the best :)

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