Bra sizes and age

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I'm 19..... and 38E :) X

I'm 21 and a 34C

I'm fourteen and a 34D. It absolutely sucks. I totally feel your pain X( I get nasty stares in the hallways of school and stuff and I feel so insecure that I wear baggy stuff. It's really bad and I've only just begun to accept it. I don't get why we have to be punished for our genetics, and I don't even need to lose weight because I'm 5'3.5" and 120 pounds. So I can't get rid of these things. :/

22 and 40 DD

I just turned 13 on June and I'm 32AA but I think that's ok, eventually they will grow ............ I hope lol

I'm almost 20 and a size 36E

Don`t worry about boob size guys don`t care as long as you know your beautiful.


14 almost 15 32c almost d

im 11 and im a 38c?

16, 34aa


16 and 32AA, just got sized at victorias secret

I'm 12,125lbs, 5'5, & a 32DD. All my friends are assholes about it lmao.

I'm 17 and 36 D, but I've never been measured. I just go by what feels the best :)


Im 17 and a 36b

I am 11 years old and at the moment am using training bras(which are not padded btw) and i am alittle bit big. some of my friends haven't started getting boobs yet and I just finished my period. am I getting in to puberty too fast? and when should I begin with padded bras? I am scared to get made fun of by my boys or someone?

16 34B

13 and 32A for me, nothing too huge yet, but who knows where they will end up??

I'm 15 and 34b. I like them nice and medium sized.

I'm 17 and a 34C

I am 17 and a 34C.

I'm 13 and 32B. I really need to get sized right though, I never feel I've got it nailed down.

15 and 32 B? ...... and i love them? :)

almost 29 and 32A

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