How can I set an indoor garden?

How can I set an indoor garden? I am a teacher and I am interested in gardening. I moved to Mississauga, and here, we don't have enough space for gardening. So I searched about indoor gardening. I got the following information that can be informative to other women who are interested in indoor gardening.
1) Select an indoor garden location.
2) Select the best indoor plants and collect its seeds. Newer variety seeds are available in our markets
3) Buy the reusable containers or cans.
4) Prepare the soil and plant the seeds.
5) Water the plants wisely.
6) Water the plants if needed.
Even though these are the basics steps, by using our ideas we can try for other varieties. Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, lettuce and spinaches can be grown in indoor gardens. Always practice organic farming techniques.
These are the ideas that I had collected. Before setting a garden inside the house, the garden accessories should be selected. So, I had searched for garden accessories suppliers available in Mississauga. Before selecting, I want to know more about garden accessories and its costs. How can we select the garden accessories that suits our house?


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