Best Friend is overshadowing me and stressing me out.

Hi. I've made a couple of friends in Secondary School (or Junior High School) but I feel that this particular best friend of mine is overshadowing me. First off, she's an extrovert, while I'm not. So naturally, people would be attracted to her weird, enthusiastic personality, and I'm just there. Some people go as far as saying 'Oh! You're _____'s best friend!' I feel like I've lost my identity. She is way more social, hardworking and basically more popular than me. She normally makes our relationship seem as if she had chosen me by luck, as she keeps telling me how close her and our other classmates are, and I'm getting this vibe that our relationship isn't that special, since she has a 'back-up plan' in case we don't work out. This is really stressful to me as I really treasure our friendship, but she doesn't seem to think the same way. I wouldn't want to cut ties with her, because she's popular and whatever she says, the class believes. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm overthinking this, maybe not, maybe I'm too clingy? I just want to be safe and happy with my relationship with my bestie, without my feelings of jealousy and loneliness controlling me. Please, I really need some advice.?



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