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I am currently interested in a home, and have put an offer in on it, with a contingency that the appraisal of the property must meet or exceed the offer price.?
Personally, I think the premium of the house I want is well worth it, considering the money I would need to sink into one of the cheaper houses to bring it to what I want, although no matter what I do, the house will not be in the more desirable neighborhood.
I remember when we purchased our last home (at the height of the real estate craze), we were then putting a significant amount down, and the realtor said, the mortgage/appraisal will be no sweat, because the appraiser will drive up to the home, see even the land with a trailer on it would be worth what our mortgage would be, and it would go through. So this is what I am a bit concerned about.?

This time around, I guess I am a bit more price sensitive, since I know the housing market is much cooler than when we last bought (on that one, we were having to compete with another bidder), yet, at this time, we cannot find a house in the entire area that is comparable in size/finish/neighborhood so we don't really want to lose it.
Any advice?

The bank appraiser is going to appraise that it's worth the value of the loan, and that's it. That appraisal has nothing at all to do with the actual value of the house, and doesn't need to. As you said the bank just wants to make sure it's at least worth the amount of the loan.?

If you want to know the actual value you'll have to pay an independent appraiser.

When it comes to a house buying it's better to ask for help professionals to avoid any issues. We've rented for the past 3-4 years, and I have always felt it's a waste of cash! Our plan is to purchase an "intermediate" turkey stone houses for now, we hope to lease it for summer time & hopefully, all things going to plan. I've found one company in London with branches in Istanbul and many other regions in Turkey. With their help we'll be able to purchase a property in Turkey by the end of 2018.


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