Escort Experience?

[I posted this in the "money and jobs" forum but havent had any responses yet, hopefully i'll have more luck here]?(you don't have to have been an escort to answer, if you have knowledge to share I'd love to read it!)
Hi guys, I am greatly considering signing to an escort agency, just to be clear I am not being pressured or forced. This is something I've just wanted to do. I would like to know:
If you have been/ are an escort, how long has that been your occupation?
What do you think I should know/ wish you had known before starting?
Any tips? Do's and Don't?
Any stories?
Are clients respectful, do agencies protect you, how are boundaries declared?
I live in the UK, if you have any UK agency recommendations that would help?
On the other hand, do any of you think being a self-employed escort is better?
Any tips on building a profile/advert for yourself?
Also if you could sum up a "day/week in the life of an escort" that would help as I probably don't know as much as I should.
Thank you!

in all honesty...this is a site for mainly younger girls, so I don't think you're going to get alot of answers.


I agree, albit this community is fairly open minded. I would suggest you should look elsewhere for those type of questions. Many girls on here are between the ages of 11 up to 18 and they wouldnt be informed on that type of information


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