What to do if you become pregnant and don't know what to do

I gave this information to another girl who wasnt sure what she should do IF she became prenant. She never said if she was or not but i wanted to share this with everyone because its imortant to have options yk?
1. first you need to get a appointment with a gynocologist office. If you dont want to talk to your parents about that kind of thing i get it honestly, but im not gonna influence you to not talk to them but anyways. If you dont want to talk to them you should say youre going somewhere like the movies or something that way you would have time to go and they dont have to know. And make sure its a person you really really trust.?
2. If you do in fact get pregnant you need to make sure its lgegit by going to the doctors, yk you cant always trust home pregnancy test.?
3. If you and your boyfrined do want to take responsibility for the baby you should do it, as long as you can support it.?
4. Unfortunately If you feel you cant support a child and you arent ready for it you could do 2 things. you could look into giving the baby up for adoption there is always plenty of people who are trying to get babies because they cant have one themself.?
5. And lastly, there is the last option and a lot of people obviously aren't fond of but if you want to you can. You could get a abortion, Preferable BEFORE 5 or 6 weeks, thats when the fetus heart beat should start and a lot of people belive if you have an abortion after this time it is murder. Before the 5-6 week mark the fetus hasn't had time to become a life form its basically a bunch of cells forming together.?
Im sorry thats a lot but again i think every girl should know her options. Also if you end up having the baby and soon after you decide you dont want the baby you can leave the baby in a Safe haven box, its a lot better than just leaving the baby at the hospital or at a fire station. but please be precaustions about this?


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