lemme drop some words on y'all, because when we walk into a club we want to take it over, its like a business and we are donald trump, bill gates, and steve wynn of the fitness/club nightlife world and we just take over. i bust a front double bicep as soon as i get in, then after 2 redbull and vodkas i rip my shirt off and usually just sport a tank because "i have a buzz" which i really dont but its an excuse to take my shirt off and if anyone asks "im hot from the alcohol" then i hit up the bathroom and look for the handicap stall to get a good pump with the dip bars for the gimps, and we just do our thing you know, all ripped shredded bros just macking on girls making everyone else feel like crap, we're tanner, we're more shredded, and we make it rain with the cash flow, goose bottles left and right bro


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