Some trouble with the flush handle and flapper, I had.

I have a question, my flush-pedal broke from the flush flap; press pedal, no rotation.?
Actually, we only need to replace the flush handle and flapper. Isn't it so? It can be done by disconnecting the small chain attached to the flapper from the handle. Also, disconnect the connection between the flapper and flush valve. Install new flapper and check whether the flapper's ears are attached to the pegs on the sides of the flush valve. Isn't this the procedure normally used for replacing the flapper??
Once our flush pedal has broken and we replaced it ourselves but later we found the flapper leaking. I thought that it was our installation mistake that caused the flapper leaking and called an emergency plumbing service from Calgary. But they said that it was because the flush valve got corrode. Anyway, it is good to replace the flapper in every 5 years to avoid the fuss generated by the old flappers.


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