How to lose the weight?

Hello everyone. I have a question.?How to lose the weight? Do you know a safe methods to lose weight. Thanks.

Regular excerise and healthy eating. Start changing the small things in your life before you start with the big things. Otherwise if you are restricting yourself too much it will be too easy to fall off the wagon! Hope this helps! You could also see a personal trainer if you want and do to a dietician, also be honest with them about your eating habits and excerising habits. Learn discpline as well with yourself, learn how to say no even if you want that cookie. And never eat three hours before you go to bed!?

It's a mind thing.

The brain tends to compensate for diets so they don't work. Need to get the brain on board. Then there's a chance at least.

One way I've heard of, is to eat Mindfully, meaning, when you eat, don't do anything else. No double-tasking. Just eat, and focus on the eating. Really focus your attention on it, the taste of the food, everything about the food. The idea is, to get your brain to realize you are eating, so it thinks, "Oh, I've eaten food. I must have had enough now."

(The other thing I've heard, is people eat but do other things at the same time. They don't focus on eating, so the brain kind of doesn't really think it's eaten, so it makes you eat more, because it was busy doing something else, focusing on something else, so that bite didn't count towards the brain's counting of how much you have eaten.)

(And another way is to go to the doctor and as for a pill which has a side effect of taking your appetite away so you eat less.)

(Another highly NOT recommended way is to have something really, really bad happen to you that stresses you out so much you just lose your appetite and don't eat much. I call it the "All Stress Diet." Highly effective and highly NOT recommended! It happened to me once though and I did lose a lot of weight. Kind of proves it's all a mind thing.)


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