How do you celebrate your birthday?

My birthday is next week (29), and I can't decide what to do for it, but I want to do something fun because my last birthday was really depressing. Do you have food-related birthday traditions? Do you go out to dinner? Do you make yourself a cake? Do you go on a pub crawl? Do your loved ones bring you breakfast in bed? Or do you lie in bed and eat chocolates and pretend the whole thing isn't happening? Give me inspiration!

Mine is always in a really busy time of year for me, so I just take some time over the closest weekend to chill with family. Nothing elaborate.

You can organize a private party for your family members and close friends. It will be my anniversary this year and I've already booked an amazing venue at for my party. It's in my area near Auckland, NZ. All my friends will be there so I'm going to make smth really special.

I usually go out for food for my birthdayOr i go somewhere with friends.?


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