Why safety alarm apps are a necessity now.

I was with my friends checking out few dresses in a store in town. We were having some fun too, posing in for each other. A group of 5 men were crossing the street and they were commenting on the way we looked. :). We sort of enjoyed that. Later in the evening, I was alone walking back home. It was just as usual. There was nothing extraordinary. But as I closed in on a steep road, again nearly 2 kms away from home. 2 guys started to rush in my back. As I reached an intersection, another 2 blocked my path. I ran to the side. Then I was fortunate enough to get a distance between us and I triggered the safety alarm app that alerted the 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center. And I was helped in timely by a professional. Thank you lord for the upright decision that flashed my mind and also a big applause to the app. ?

thanks for the info. I didn't suspect


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