Dating a girl who seems to be avoiding intimacy.

Hello,I am a 24 year old male. I have been dating this girl for 3 months. On our first date, there was instant attraction. When we do see each, that attraction still seems to be there. However, she cancels half the time we make plans, and not because anything unexpected has come up. One time, we made plans for a specific date and time. I bought candles, cleaned my apartment, and bought food to make dinner for her. I wanted to create the most romantic evening possible I texted her the night before to confirm our plans, and she said she was still free. Then, the day of our plans, she cancels and pretends and acts like she thought our plans were for the following night. I felt like I planned such a romantic evening for nothing. Furthermore, I pay for the both of us when we go on dates, and I have sent her chocolate. When we go out in my neighborhood, except for our first date, I have always invited her upstairs. When she gets to my apartment though, she talks about how tired she is and closes her eyes. The one time we went out in her neighborhood, she gave me a reason why she couldn't invite me upsairs. I could be wrong, but it seemed like she was avoiding intimacy?When we're at a restaurant or bar, there is still attraction. But I feel like I'm putting in a lot of effort in vein. What should I do?


Maybe try bringing up how you feel first if you hadn't already.It does sounds like the lady you're seeing wants a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend though.

You should definitely address this and talk to her about it as soon as possible so the issue doesnt get dragged on. It could be many things. Maybe shes nervous you want to do stuff and she isnt ready. Are you okay with that? if so make sure to tell her youre fine with that and you can take things slow. Maybe something happened that shes avoiding talking to you about. Maybe shes going through something. youll never know unless you straight up ask her and make sure everything is okay.?


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