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So I'm in my second year at university and I really like my best friend. We met last year and we get on so well. We spend so much time together, laugh a LOT and ring / message when we're not together. He teases me a lot and has told me that I'm his best friend before. I know he's friendly with girls from home, but has told me he's never been in a relationship before, and never makes the first move with girls.?
We are flat mates this year, but he is moving out next year to live with some guys that he's friends wih in uni.
I really like him and want to let him know how I feel, but am also nervous and don't want to ruin the friendship at all?
What should I do?

Tell him how you feel. If hes really your friend it wont ruin your friendship.
​Honesty is the best policy in every relationship, friendhips included. Just tell him you want an open line on communication. If he's not into it then atlest you know and it wont change your friendship.
​Back in the day i had a best guy friend, we talked everyday and i deff had a crush on him and he had one on me but we never told eachother. I regret a bit not saying anything esp now that we dont talk since im married.

​what is it that kids say now a days.. Yolo?

I agree, I think what would be best, if you be honest about your feelings toward your best friend. Then at least you know how he feels and you won't regret watching him slip away before he goes to uni and perhaps meeting another girl in that process. That would be my thoughts anyway. Good luck!


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