How to remind someone that they arent alone?

Hey, my boyfriend has been very depress, suicidal thoughts came across his mind and he kicking everyone out his life he saying things that he never said, he being very harsh to even his closest friends. He is only talking to me and his best friend but more to me, he talks to me what he feelings and i just listen to him and make him feel better. It came to my attention that when he have his suicidal thoughts he forgets that he isnt alone, since its very hard for me to be with 24/7 even though i will message him everyday to check up on him, i have consent worries and i would cry for not knowing how i can help him i dont want to lose him, i been close on losing him more than a month ago i dont want to lose him ill be nothing without him. Anway i was thinking if i do something that he would never forget that he isnt alone, but i have no idea how i can do it. Do you guys have an idea what to do to remind someone that arent alone that they wouldnt forget???

You're already doing the right things.

A psychiatrist saisaid in a lecture that one way he helps his patients is by informing them how much a suicide affects family and friends. Patients are surprised. They tend to think wrongly that everyone will be happier without them.

Also they need Hope that they will not have to live depressed forever.

If depression is because of external circumstances, that can change.

If depression is for no reason whatsoever, then it's a medical illness and doctors can cure it. Encourage him to see a doctor.

Keep doing what you are doing? That is exactly the right thing to do.

You could also research clinical depression. Or find someone who has had it in the past. (You'll be surprised how many there are!)

Best Wishes!


medicially he does have a depression medication but he gets mad at me for telling him to drink since he doesnt want to, i tried taling to him but he wouldnt listen, but before he the situation that he put in him the hospital and close to dying he was just fine, he was his regular self, he was fine before his heart stop after thinking he will get better but the problem happened that he just became very depress, he was doing better but now his depression his gotten bad, he didnt even message me so message him today to check up on him but his responses was worrying i tried calling and messaging him he asent respond so i immediately message his best friend and one his closest friends but they arent having any luck im just so worried staying up really late waiting for a response since i cant leave the house due to the time


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