I am unsure if I am genderfluid, there are some days were I will feel masculine and wont wear like earrings or any feminine things then there are days when I will put on earrings or like wear a little bit of makeup. I've been looking up binders on the internet, as I realised how much I liked when my sports bras constricted my chest and that they dont make my breasts as obvious. To be honest, I am glad that I dont have a large chest, I have a 32B and if it were to be any bigger I feel as though I wouldnt like it. I feel really uncomfortable when I wear skirts because its revealing my legs or the width of my hips and I really dont like that. Please help!?

the way you describe it in this respect, doesn't necessarily sound like you're genderfluid. Most days I don't feel like wearing earrings, makeup, clothes that show off my curves and prefer wearing bras that constrict my chest. But it's also not like on most days, or really any days for that matter, do I think "I feel like being a boy/man today. I'm gonna make that happen."?

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