Changing Your Name

Just putting it out there, my name isn't Cressida! My birth name is quite common and I was given a shortned name but here's the thing- I've always resented it.
I have always dreamed of having a different name as I dislike my current name soo much.?
I have been milling over it for years now and came to the conclusion there are two other shortened names I much prefer rather than the one I was given.
I'm not very close with my family but last night I had enough courage to go talk to my mum about this, it took a lot of words to try and explain it because I was that nervous. My mum found this hilarious and told my brother straight away... they both keep bringing it up like it's a joke now and I feel completly and utterly embarassed.

I am sick of name because its childish, can be shortened to a name I abhour even futhur, I've had people be rude about my name (that includes extended family) and I share the same name as my uncle's (mums brother's) deceased dog!

Can someone help me on the right path, I feel more comfortable with the other names. Although, am I just wasting my time wanting to change my name?

Or at minimum I want people to stop calling me the real short version of my shortneded name lmao

ANY advice please x


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