what should i do?

Okay well my best friend been very depress nothing is making him happy, he also the best friend i realize that im in love with, he still at the hospital way better than he was but the hospital is making him depress and he being stubborn like always. He doesnt want to talk or see anyone he refuse and told the nurse that he doesnt want to see anyone, I cant go see him since we live very far away from each other right now so it basically impossible for me to go, though i know if i tell the nurse to tell him im there he would see me, he still message him sometimes not like he use to but he still message me, im the only one that he talking to because he not talking to anyone else. I want him to stop being stubborn and start receiving help so he can start little by little still doing everything on his own right away, he still doing his therapy though, im starting to get him to be happy again since im the only one that can make him happy when he really depress. I want to try to get help to start accepting help but i have no idea how, what should i do or what should i say so he could start receiving help and stop being stubborn?


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