Want a makeover before wedding.

Hello all!
I haven't found a better place to ask this, hence I'm here. Hope that's okay. I am getting married soon to the love of my life and yes, I'm really happy. I met him at a friends wedding party and we bonded so well, as if we knew each other from very long. Guess, soul mates really exists. Anyways, I'm just happy that everything between us kept going well and now we are finally getting married this February. Our parents are really happy about it too. However, I've been wanting for a small makeover before my wedding.
Well, it's not an expensive parlor treatment that I need, but it's just a lasik surgery. I remember my fiance once told me that he never used to like girls with glasses. He always thought they are the nerdy ones and he doesn't like nerds. Well, I do wear glasses, but he never considered me as a nerd. But yet I know he likes me without glasses more, even though he hasn't ever said it. So, before I get married and before we move to Geneva for the wedding, I want to get a lasik in Toronto.?However, I am diabetic from childhood. Do you think that would cause any complications? Please let me know if there could be any and is there any precautions that I could consider. I really want to do this for my love.


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