Not brave enough in Choir

I have been in a Choir since first Grade. Last year (which would have been my 7th year) i took a year off. This year, i'm back in the Choir again. I'm in the third Choir up now (Concert Choir, 6th-9th Grade) and It's been really hard lately. I'm a Second Soprano, but recently i got switched to the edge of the Sopranos (near the Altos) because I was on the edge near the first sopranos and couldn't sing the right notes when I was near the First Sopranos. In some of the songs me and four other kids (I'm the oldest out of the five of us) also have to sing a few alto parts, which is super confusing. During the black light Rehearsal on October 31st, I didn't even know what part I was supposed to sing in the songs that I'm supposed to sing alto, so basically i just didn't sing at all because there was more kids absent that day than there usually is. I have no idea what to do. I wish the director wouldn't have to make five Second Sopranos sing an alto part in any song. Even though she explained to us what alto parts we are singing, it's still confusing to me because I think part of the problem is because I have ADHD. ?Also, every time my Group messes up I feel like it's mostly my fault. ?Please help! -Margaret?


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