So confused

most people probably know what rumors are, right? Rumors dont go around in my school that much. That is exactly what I feel has been going on lately at school. As I mentioned in my He Found Out posts, I said I told some of my friends who I don't trust about who I like. Today at recess, my friend Jackie told me that last year (that is when I told people who I like) people that knew would ask her if she knew who I liked. I know I have made the mistake of telling way too many people. And on top of that, he found out about it (that's the problem, I'm not 100% sure if he knows). I feel like he does know. (If you read my He found out posts you would know why I would suspect he knows). ?part of me feels like those girls Who told me lied, but sense both of them told me, i also feel like they didnt make It up. So, my questions are: 1. Does he actually know that i sent those annonymous letters to him and his family and what should i do about It and how should I act around him? 2. If a lot of people know then why do I feel like I don't actually know what's going on? 3. How should i find out what is actually going on and how should i talk to him about it (if i have to). 4. Should i talk to a grown up about this? Please help! Thank you. -Margaret


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