He found out (part 2)

So, continuing on from my last post about sending those annoyous letters to my crush and his family and How they found out i did It...
anyway, I'm starting to be tempted to tell my not so close friends about It because at the same time i kind of trust them and i kind of don't trust them (remember, i've told a lot of my not so close friends that I like him). my friends (even my BFF's) ?that i told don't seem to care about this, and three of my friends agree that i didnt stalk Ben (because he said to someone: "she stalked me"). I'm kind of trying to avoid him and not avoid him, and I'm not getting anywhere with this strategy). How should i act if he ever talks to me again,(I doubt he will). When I was going to Math today, I saw him at his locker, and I was so tempted to say hi but I didn't, because I was too nervous to, and I feel like it would be awkward if i talk to him. Who should i talk to about this my Advisory teacher, my study skills teacher, or the school social worker? Please someone help me, luckily, i don't see him much during school. -Margaret

okay so basically you want to still talk to him despite what he was saying, well how about you go get your 3 friends that trust you and agree that you never stalk him and when you see him, go and apologize to him and also said you were not stalking him, but if you want to talk about to a professional i recommend your advisory teacher, if she or her cant help than go to the school social worker?


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