Moving in Together With Boyfriend

I have a minor something that has been on my mind for several days now. Ok it's kind of major tbh. The matter concerns moving in with my boyfriend.

We've been together for a year and 10 months now, about 3 months ago I moved to Holland after a year of long distance relationship (he moved a year before me, we both study here now) and we currently still live quite a bit apart of eachother, an hour and 20 min by train to be exact.

I see him about once every two to three weeks if I am lucky and I miss him a lot. He lives with his twin- and younger brother and I currently live with family, looking to move out soon. The problem? I would really like to move in with him, I feel we could handle it, whenever I spend a night or two at his place we have the best time. However I know he feels different about it, and even though he may not say it, it may also have to do with the fact that he lives with his brothers now and would have to pick between me or them.?

I miss him a lot when I can't see him and I really wish he had more time to meet up at least (I have told him this) but I would love to move in together even more. I can't stop thinking about it either. Is there any advice you guys have for me or anyone who's been through something similar? I would love to hear your advice.?

This seems like a complicated situation. Maybe you should try asking him How he feels about the Idea of you moving in with his family. If that doesnt work, try asking you're family or parents for advice and see What they say.?

Move in with him! It will be great!
Find a solution to his brothers. Whatever the issue, whatever the need, find out what it is, discuss it with him, give him a few days to let the idea sink in, an answer will emerge in time, as the need becomes known.

you should sit down with him and have a serious talk with him, living together is a huge step but staying with someone just one or 2 days is major difference living with someone. So i think should really think about wanting to living with him alot more and dont put your time staying with him for 2 days into deciding? to live with him


In reply to what MCOO2201 said, I would be moving to a new place with him so he'd have to leave his brothers behind and we would find a new place together. Somewhere in between both our study cities


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