Confuse about a feeling towards someone, help!

Hey, you may be wondering how can I be feeling something worrisome towards someone else while my "bf" is in the military, he gave me permission to date other guys since we wouldn't be able to contact each other for 2 years.?
Anyway here the problem, I have this guy friend I meet him once for a common sport and hobby we have, but he lives really far away from me but we keep in contact because it hit it off from the moment we met. I actually met my "bf" through him actually. We talk to each other almost everyday and for hours. We tell each other everything. We are totally comfortable with one then other and we understand each other well. We also have a lot of things in common when I say a lot I do mean a lot. We see each other as twins by how alike we are. But also the things he isn't good at is what I'm good at and what I am not good at he good at it. Some our Taekwondo friends say that we complete one the other but I still don't know what they met and either does him either. Our non Taekwondo friends think we will end up dating or we like each other because we love to tease each other. When I tell people about my "bf" or when I told them that I like my bf they were all shock because they all expect me to like my friend. I will tell him what my friends will tell me and he just start to laugh and saids it must be because we tease each other all the time. I know his friends love to see the conversation with me because we will tease each other and they will think I'm really funny. I honestly can't a life without him he means the world to me, if we don't message each other for just a few days it feels so weird and out of place, but makes me miss him. I get so frightened or scared of something happen to him or I get so damn angry when someone hurt him, I honestly even protect him to anybody that's even include my "bf". We even plan this life when we get older that we will live together or live close to each other. I know he also feel the same way he wants to protect me so badly. I also get so happy when I get even one message from him and I feel so nervous sometimes as well. I do admit when he talks about girls he talking to I will get a bit jealous but I will always more than willing to help him out with the girl and sometimes when things seems to be going good with the girls I will met them and all those girls know who I am. We will introduce each other as twins or siblings. His ex gfs was so shock on how we are towards each other like we are real twins. I know we love each other as well. When he send me pictures of him and his friends or videos my eyes automatically go look for him and just look at him, except the ones that he was with my "bf" my friend wanted me to pay attention to him but my eyes just be on my "bf" that was the time I didn't met him yet. I'm not attracted towards my friend and I really don't want anything romantic towards my friend it gets me this sick feeling inside but I sometimes I wish I get something cute from him. So what you guys think? Is it just all sibling like feelings?


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