Flaws in others vs. me

Why is it so easy for me to accept flaws in other people, and so very difficult for me to accept flaws in myself?

Don't worry, that's a good trait! Most people are too busy judging others to take a look inward so it's good that you do so. But keep in mind that when you do judge yourself, be fair. It's easy to be harsh and demanding of yourself when you want to be a better person and you're committed to that goal. But don't let a mistake here and there stop you in your tracks. We all make mistakes and the best thing to do is learn from them and proceed with a greater knowledge of ourselves. With each mistake we learn how to improve, so look at it as a gift in disguise. But don't lose heart, you're probably doing a lot better than you think. Just the fact that you question yourself proves this.


That's just how it works?

Sorry, that^ came out wrong.

We naturally have a hard time understanding the flaws we have or put a blind eye on ourselves than other people because we are more open minded with other people?

Thank you everyone.


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