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So, last spring i sent a few letters through the mail to my crush and his family telling them to do activities over spring break. ?When I got the letter they wrote back to me, i immediately knew I shouldn't have done it in the first place. I thought everything was okay, as long as he didn't find out. But then, five months later, one of my classmates, Sidney, was talking to him and brought up my name, and then Ben said: "She stalks me". Today at recess, I was talking to Sidney and my other friend Lindsay, and then they told me that him and his family found out about it because they looked up my address in the school directory. I was really shocked and i kind of still am, sense i was just told that five hours ago. I also regret doing it and i feel so embarrassed and my stomach sometimes hurts just thinking about It. I have told a lot of girls in my Grade that i like Ben. I have No Idea what to do, luckily though I don't have any classes with him. Someone please help me.

Thats wrong of him for telling people that your stalking him in the first place, if you can easily get the address by the school directory and just send a few letters, but you dont follow him around or do anything else beyond that than its not stalking.?
​Stalking-pursue or approach stealthily,?harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention​, or?move silently or threateningly through (a place
​if people start accusing for stalking him than just tell them the defintion for stalking and show that your not even doing any of it, than they will let you be.

​I usually get more defensive over this because i had stalkers before and the feeling that you get is the most unpleasant feeling ever plus one the most fear moents in your life?

It'll blow over the less you think about it the faster it'll blow over.

People grow and change. A crush last spring fades away come autumn.

Two things that may help:
1. Talk about it privately with someone, a counselor, or someone anyone realiable who is a good listener who can reassure you that you're a good person and everything is OK.

2. Banish thinking about it. This takes practice. (And it seems to contradict #1, talking about it, but thinking alone and talking with someone else are two different things). When the thought enters your mind, distract yourself with something else. Do something else, engage in some activity that distracts your thinking and occupies your thoughts about something else. Like homework. Or a good book. Or TV show. Or activity with friends.


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