Need help of criminal defence lawyers.

My bf works in a company as an accountant. He joined the company three months before. Last week, he was called by the higher authorities. Because of some mismatch in the financial records. His senior colleague, who is the chief accountant, had done all the malpractices and my bf is going to be charged for this. As he is the senior, all evidence is against my bf. It is a pre-planned attempt to accuse him. The higher authorities are unaware of this planning. I want to prove his innocence. I am planning to meet some lawyers in Mississauga, who is dealing with criminal defence. If someone has gone through the similar experience, do share. What can be done to save him??

Expecting your replies.
Thank you.

did your boyfriend by any chance save his orginal work before sending to his chief accountant? If he did save his orginal work and if your boyfriend send it through email, its important to get those emails as well. Those 2 one the most important evidence you can get to prove his innocence thus it will free him and start to investigating his chief accountant.
​Though im just a junior in the university thats studyting criminal justice and started to have practices as a defense attorney, the defense attorney will give you more options.?

Emails/records. Only these can save your boyfriend. Like tae stated, there would be records held by your company based on his work. Does he have any friends who can back him up?

Thank you for the replies. Not sure of the original records can be retrieved. Hope the lawyer can help us.


you should try to see if you can retrieve it


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