my.gurl - Fixing spoilers

From the look of things spoilers have been hidden since 2011 - line 397 - .hidden{display:none;}
Don't know why staff choose to do that but I aim to change it

While I understand this is sorta useless to share as it requires every single user present and future to actually effectively put it to use (after all, just cus you can use/see spoilers doesn't mean others can) I like having them at my disposal

First things first
You'll need tampermonkey - a browser add-on/extension that manages userscripts
Secondly you'll need the userscript I wrote which can be had over here

Without tampermonkey installed the link will just display the code
With tampermonkey installed you'll be prompted to install/decline the userscript

An image of this post with working spoilers - spoilers clicked on

Spoilers have lots of uses

Maybe they'll be re-enabled one day


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