Replacement vacuum filters

I am a dentist and am new to the forum. Till now, I have worked in hospitals, but I want to practice individually. I am excited to put a dental clinic in my home city Toronto. I am looking for areas where I can get a place for my clinic. I am checking whether there are any dentists neighborhood and want to have a junior dentist too.

Before setting up, there are factors to be considered regarding its hygiene. I am very particular in this matter.

Maintaining good air quality in dental offices is much important. Because poor air quality can occur from bacteria, chemicals, use of equipment, etc. This can pose a serious threat to the health of staff and patients. Dental equipment is particularly prone to contamination with bacteria, yeasts, and other microbes because it comes into contact with people's mouths. This is a serious issue. Also, mercury is released from amalgam fillings. And there are many more cases.

I need your opinion for a good filter to be placed in the dental clinic. I am planning this in the very beginning because this factor is much important to me. I need to know good replacement vacuum filters available in the market. Kindly suggest if you have any ideas on this. Thank you.


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