Miss boyfriend

hey well I mostly just want to rant and get your thoughts as well, well a month ?ago my boyfriend left to the military and I miss him terribly, since he going to be away for 2 years he didn't want me to be sad and waste my 2 years waiting for him especially since we were not in the level that we could say we love each other, he told me when he comes back and still couldn't forget about him than he more than glad to continue what we have but it all depends how I feel, I told him I will wait for him, he got really happy and touched that knee right away i didn't wanna lose him, he agreed with me but he still gave me the freedom to date other guys while he's away. Though we didn't exactly break up so that's why I still call him my boyfriend. Anyway a guy friend asked me to hang out today and I did cause I thought it just to hang out with a friend but we saw some of his friends and gave him a weird look like look at you kind of thing, I had a good time but the time I was hanging out with my friend I thought of my boyfriend and how much funnier it would be if he was here. Will I ever be able to go out and not think about him missing he can't be here with ne


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