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Hello Everyone
Have you noticed that there are basically any articles on the topic about why in some cases people can have romantic feelings for someone, while there is no sexual one. In your opinion do you think that the sexual attraction come in later? Or how do you think it should be like?

A romantic feeling without sexual overtones? Sure, of course it's possible. The fact is, it's all too seldom seen these days. I love the idea of romance coming first and sex coming later rather than the other way around. Sex is more fleeting, but love (if it's the real deal) lasts forever. If two people love each other I believe sexual attraction is a natural step that will come along when the time is right. Sex is a form of affection and a means of consumating a romantic and loving relationship. Two people who love each other will tend that way as nature guides them.

GuppyGirl thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter. So, in short you mean that it actualy grows to become sexual right? Well in such a case wouldn't there be the fear that there might not be any kind of sexual chemistry between the couple??

If the relationship didn't become physical because that was the choice of the couple involved, it wouldn't matter. They'll do what their nature dictates. But I do believe that it would become sexual because that's basic human nature. Sexual chemistry, no matter what a lot of people say, stems from the love and affection the couple has for each other. It's not just about how well you can get off, but learning and understanding your partner. As long as there is a love and mutual regard for each other, I'm certain the sexual chemistry would flourish without any problems whatsoever. The more love there is, the better the sexual chemistry. I'd be more fearful of a sexual relationship from which there was no chemistry of love, rather then the other way around.

I just started reading a book titled Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find -- and Keep -- Love by Rachel S. F. Heller & Amir Levine.

(With a title that long, it's got to be good.)

It appears to give new insight into how some people become inexplicably "needy", while others fear getting too close, and others seem soild and well grounded and OK.

Haven't finished it yet so can't say yet if it's good or not. Just looks promising. You know me, I devour books!

Guppygirl thank you for makig it clear. Makes alot of sense.
del677 Please let me know if it's worth the read :)

Thank you very much for the wishes Tutiti.

For me there are no sexual feelings involved whatsoever, because I'm asexual. But I don't know about anyone else. ??


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