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Hi all,

One of my friends were organizing a birthday party in Mississauga for his daughter last week. After the office hours, I was traveling with one of my colleagues to the party venue. On the way, our car collided with a truck and for God's grace, we survived with some silly injuries.

The mistake was on the truck driver itself. He drove on the wrong side with a considerably higher speed. His headlights were also off. So we couldn't easily notice the truck, which was moving towards us. And moreover, soon after the mishap, the accused ran away and hide somewhere in the bushes and we couldn't find him in the dark. We are thinking of filing a case against the anonymous.

Before that, I would like to know whether anybody has experienced a similar incident before. If so, how you proceeded with the case? Which all lawyers you approached for legal support? I was planning to approach a car accident lawyer in Toronto. Do you have any previous experiences with them? Any idea about their success rates? Are they affordable? Can I go for them? Any comments or suggestions are always welcome. Thanks in advance.

I'm actutally studying criminal justice which is also the same field lawyers goes into, if the accident was filed that shows it was the truck driver fault than you have very high chances, each lawyer charges differently but they are not exactly cheap


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