I don't know what to do please help

hi my name is michaela im 14, ive been suffering with a disease for 5 years now called chronic fatigue syndrome or also known as M.E. I am now in 3rd year of secoundary school or 9th grade in high school. This year i need to pick my gsces but im getting home schooled right now because of my illness and the stress and of anxiety in school, i have to go back to school next year for my gcses but im so scared and stressed about it because physically and mentally now its just not a good idea at all and ive been to 4 different schools now and they were so terrible and gave me no support what so ever. On top of all of that i dont even think ill get my gsces because ive missed so much of the work and ive really bad memory loss with my disese, but in school one day is so hard to do and when i get home i pass out and dont wake in hours, its so so hard and i just dont know what to do and have no clue of what school to do because in my other schools i was getting bullied and the teachers and staff didnt care about my illness. If you have any suggestions of what you think i should do or also have M.E and just someone to talk to please reply to this :]?

Hi Michaela, wow that sounds like a horrible disease, you poor thing.... I will talk to you if you want to chat?


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