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I just started 8th Grade on the 28th. Last year i had 0 classes with my crush. This year, i realized i had 0 classes with my crush again. So, two years in a row. And last year I accidentally told some of my friends (both girls and boys) that i like him. Looking back on It, i shouldnt have told them, because What If they tell someone. Im not sure If they Remember, but one of the girls does. I have liked this boy since 6th Grade, and i think he liked me in 4th Grade. He also doesnt have any social media, except i stalk his Mom and sister on Facebook. It's not fair that i have 0 classes with Ben. Somebody help me. -Margaret

If you don't have any classes with him?it's not the end of the world why don't you try to become friends with him maybe through a common friend and you still have lunch together and if you want to know if your friends told anyone else than why not ask them, one more thing I recommend don't stalk his mom and sister on Facebook it's weird but I do understand why you do it but you should stop especially if he finds out he will find you creepy?


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