They live in Paris

My family and I know this family (The Swansons) that live in Paris, France. There are five people in the family: Phil and Claude (the parents) and their kids: Martin (age 16, my sisters age) Viktor (age 13, my age) and Violette (age 6). I didn't meet the family until yesterday when mom and I went to give some things to Violette for her to have, (the family has an apartment in Minnesota they come to every August). Besides english, my mom and step dad know French, which is obviously what the Swanson's speak, they speak english too though. Personally, it's kind of awkward seeing someone my own age that I barely know. I don't really know why though. i'm pretty sure a few people out there can relate. The problem is, I think i like like Viktor, but i don't know if I do or not. maybe i think I do because he's the same age as me? i mean, he's kind of cute, but didn't talk much. I was in the same room as him 4 times. I'm kind of sad they're leaving soon. before they leave, we're also going to give them two more things. Violette and Claude left to go back home today and Viktor, Martin and Phil are leaving next week, i think. Please help!

Like I said in my other're a yung girl and this is pretty common for have little crushes on different boys.? It's really not anything you should worry about...just be polite and kind to him while he is here.? Maybe you two could exchange emails or something (if you have email) or maybe even you could write each other a letter once he goes home.


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