Was rejected or not?

Hey well this is a continuous or update on what's going on with me and my crush in my post of losing confidence, anyway I found after after I posted the question that he didn't want me to know that he was leaving to the military and he had no idea how to tell me, anyway after I heard it I was really sad that he was leaving and we agreed when he gets out his military service in 2 years he will contact me. I was talking to his best friend which he also like a brother to me, my brother knows I have a crush on his best friend and well my brother convinced me to write him a confession letter or just tell how I felt. Well I wrote a confession letter to him and send it to him. I know that he read the letter cause the message showed that it was opened but he didn't respond back. I don't think he will respond to it cause he is officially leaving tomorrow. So I don't know if I was rejected or not since he never respond back.

I feel he is at a crossroads. Pouring your heart out to him the day before he left, really wasn't fair to either of you. He has responsibilities now and probably feels that he would be a strain on you and him because he is leaving for duty.


well I didn't mean to intentionally, it took me while and I tried to work on it has I could and make it good for him. I also apologized about that in the letter. But he did message me back. He did said it took by surprise and took sometime to think since the leaving to the military, but he wants to try us out when he gets back only if I still like him and I was okay with it. After I agreed to it, he came and did this amazing date. I loved it! Than his best friends were the ones that drop him off the airport but he wanted to say goodbye to me again. Than he left and right before he broad the plane he message me goodbye and made some promises as well. He also mostly likely knew I wouldn't be happy for a while so he told me to keep being a happy person for him?


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