How to delete/ shut down your account on


I wanted to know how you would delete/ shut down your account on here ( Please, I would really like to shut down/ delete mine and any help I would be greatful for, thank you.

There's always a beginning in every ending.

Please respond if you know how to.


There is no option provided here that allows you to manually delete your account
You could try reaching out to the gurl staff and request that your account be deleted

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I wouldn't put much faith in it though considering @NocturnalMistress documented that she did so without success

I don't know what to tell you without sounding harsh because your attempts are completely useless. Why am I saying that? Because *MY* attempts were completely useless.

I've contacted *EVERY* email that I've ever come across on gURL, many multiple times, and no avail. So I'm sorry but I'm done.

If the above fails you can try contacting Defy Media - they own -

I would advise to try calling them with the phone number they provide - makes for a pretty quick way to determine if they'll be giving you the run around or actually be helpful as opposed to waiting for an email response that may never come
Do try to reach someone in a position of power though instead of settling for a receptionist

Best of luck with the endeavor

I don't think you're gonna have any luck.? This is why we started that other forum, because there's no mod or administrative presence here to take care fo things like this.

Thank you everyoen for all your response, ti was all very helpful.


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