Black Hair Care

Y'all, I need help lol. I do not know how to take care of my hair as well as I thought I did. Are there any sites you know of that give you tips on how to take care of your hair, in braids and out? I need help from the beginning before I get braids to when the braids are in to out. Please everyone it's an emergency I'm tired of my hair breaking. It used to be down past my shoulders and now it's all the way up my neck.

Well first you can shower with hot water cause it breaks your as well, try to pick your natural, don't brush it a lot, than if you wash your a hair once day but some people say watch your hair every 2 days but it depends how you feel it. I also heard coconut helps with the hair and breakage. If you buy a shampoo with coconut it will help your hair?

I always use different natural oils and homemade masks for my hair. One of my fav oils for hair care is argana oil.?

I think that the best hair care you can apply to black hair, is to dye it blonde LOL...

You could look it up on Youtube


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