A few tidbits..

I'm currently under the process of getting some changes made for the boards. I'm hoping sometime in the (hopefully) near future we can work on the abnormal amount of question marks many of us receive in our posts as well as maybe even a new layout. Furthermore I'd like to eventually be able to fulfill the requests or many members that I cannot fill at this moment under limited moderator powers.

I'd just like to add that the Community Guidelines That were placed here long before my time here still apply. Please click the link and read them. They apply to everybody.

Just as a side note all links to pornographic websites or images or anything of similar nature will be edited and removed. And?*do NOT* bump topics older than 6 months. There is a reason that they have not been replied to in said amount of time. Please also post your topics in the appropriate sub-forum. Failure to comply with the rules will result in you being privately messaged and asked to stop whatever you're doing. If you continue you?will receive a warning - next a ban.



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