gURLmod_keriy says goodbye!

I'm sad to say that it's my time to leave after 7 years! I really can't believe it's been 7 years since I first started as a super nervous Editorial Intern! My first day there I got assigned to write a Fast Facts article on SMBD, nothing like breaking in the newbie!!! These were back in the days when the gURL boards were teal, orange and black!

We've been through so many changes over the years together and I can't tell you how much it's meant to have you gURL's stick with us! You've helped us with testing, sent us all of your thoughts and ideas for the forums and honestly, you're the reason why these boards are so awesome!!

On that note, I've really really REALLY appreciated everything you've helped me out with over the years! I'm hoping you'll do the same for's new moderator Nasrin!

I'm going to miss you but it's time for me to move on- don't hate me :)

To make this goodbye a little less sad, I'm leaving you with a picture of my new puppy, Zooey and my cat Bailey, back before he was 12 pounds!

Hello everyone!! 

I'm so happy to be stepping in as the new moderator. I used to lurk around gURL back when I worked at The Escapist, so joining the crew feels like fate. 

Feel free to PM me anytime with questions about the site, or if you just want to chat. 


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